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Emergency information

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T: 08 8946 6494
安全 information for contractors and visitors
The University is a diverse environment of classrooms, 办公室, 实验室, and animal care facilities where many staff, 学生, contractors and visitors interact.


承包商 working at the University are to comply with the requirements of the Work 健康 & 安全法, 规定, relevant Codes of Practice and University policies unless otherwise agreed in writing. 


游客 are welcome to the University; however, appropriate precautions and limitations on visitations are necessary to protect health, safety and environment to maintain productivity and regulatory compliance.

Please contact your host department for providing you with the specific safety instructions for local conditions, procedures and necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).

健康、安全 and 环境

Charles Darwin University has an obligation to provide safe environments and 紧急 response capability in the event of a critical incident, 灾难, 危机或威胁, in accordance with Work 健康 and 安全 legislation. This extends to its staff, 学生 and other persons working at, studying or visiting the University.

The University’s 紧急 management procedures aim to minimise disruption to those affected by an 紧急 at the University.

In addition to providing a safe environment, CDU is committed to being a good steward of our natural environment. We aim to become a recognised innovator in sustainability education, research and community engagement.